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07 May 2010 @ 08:09 pm
Once Upon A Lovely Spring Day...  
Title: Once upon a lovely spring day...
Author: Ki-el
Rating: G
Pairing: Does KoyamaxNEWS count as a pairing? *loL*
Genre: Friendship, Comedy
Summary: Shige was having a perfectly nice day when Koyama ruined it by barging in and telling Shige that he – Koyama – was going to die very, very soon. Shige’s bewilderment grew even bigger when he figured out – it was not that easy with all the sniveling and sobbing – that apparently the other NEWS members had something to do with Koyama’s impending death.

If you want to know what happened

So close! He had been so close. So close to having a perfectly nice day without this overwhelming “Why me? Why always me???”-feeling… but no! It could have been such a lovely Sunday for Katou Shigeaki. The weather has been perfect all day long, he had read a little bit, had lunch with his parents, wrote on his essay a little bit… and at night he would have met with Koyama to play billiards. It could have been such a perfect Sunday. So close. So close…

He was already putting on this jacket to go out and meet Koyama in their usual local bar when his door bell rang. He opened the door and found himself a second later hugged by Koyama who started to weep like there was no tomorrow.
So close… damn it!

A few minutes later: Shige and Koyama were sitting in the living room, Koyama blowing his nose and Shige wondering: Why me? Why always me???

Finally, he sighed and dared to ask: “Koyama… what the hell happened?”

Koyama nodded bravely and then looked at his best friend. “Shige… you have to help me set up my last will.”


Again, Koyama nodded then reached out and took Shige’s hand. He looked into his face and made a very tragic expression. “Will you care for Nyanta when I’m gone?”

What the hell…?

Moreover: Shige was allergic to cats. But he didn’t think it was a very good idea to point out this flaw in Koyama’s reasoning to him… Koyama’s eyes were just too teary. So he said instead: “Koyama… you… are not going to die. At least not… now…”

„Oh Shige… I am, I am. I am going to die. Soon. I have a terrible illness that will kill me before long.”

Shige’s stomach turned at this words and his heart started racing. “What? What illness?”

“I don’t know.” Koyama snuffled and nodded with a serious expression on his face.

“But… the doctor must have told you!”

“I haven’t seen a doctor.”

„But… what symptoms do you have?“

„None…“ More snuffling.


„So… how come you’ve figured that you’re going to die?“

“Because of YamaP”.

“Yama… P?”

“And Tegoshi! And Massu!... AND Ryo-chan!“

„… What the HELL are you talking about???“ He brushed with his hand through his hair in a gesture of despair and then peered sternly at Koyama: “Are you drunk?”

“Of course not!” Koyama exclaimed outraged.

Of course he wasn’t. That would have been just too easy. “Alright.” Shige gave up. „Just... tell me the whole story right from the start.“


Koyama was dozing in his bed and was perfectly content with him and the world and the whole universe. With his right arm under his head, he blinked into the morning sun and kept stroking Nyanta, who had again sneaked her way into his bed, with his left hand. It was Sunday and he had the whole day off. That’s why he was still lying in bed, enjoying himself by planning the day. What would he like to do today? First have a big breakfast, of course. Then impose upon his sister for lunch and play with his nephews. Yes, that sounded totally like a plan. The weather was great, so they could go to the park. That would be so much fun. And in the evening… well… billiards with Shige. That would be totally relaxing. Shige did not have shootings for Troubleman anymore, so he would be free. At exactly this moment, his cell phone rang. A mail had arrived.

Morning. Do you have plans for tonight? How about billiards? S.

Koyama couldn’t suppress a grin. Long ago, he had stopped counting the “Great minds think alike” moments with Shige.

Sure. 9 p. m., okay? K.

Then he slowly got up, yawned and strolled into the bathroom to get ready for his meeting with his nephews.

He was already putting on his shoes when the door bell rang and a man with sun glasses and a hat stood there and grinned.
“Yo”, YamaP said.
“Hi…” Koyama blinked bewildered.
„I’m sorry, I haven’t called before, but…“ YamaP took off his sunglasses and Koyama wondered again why even the most normal movements looked amazingly cool on YamaP. “Anyhow… do you have plans for lunch?”
“Ehm… why?”
„I thought, maybe you’d like to join me? It’s almost lunchtime and I wondered…” YamaP shrugged and then threw a tentative glance at Koyama.

That was strange. Yamashita Tomohisa had a schedule that was so tight that there was no chance for him doing something spontaneously. Overall, he was not a really spontaneous person. Standing here unannounced in front of Koyama’s door was not just out of the ordinary, it was totally out of character for YamaP.
That’s why Koyama would never have dared to refuse.

And before long, Koyama found himself sitting in a restaurant where he had lost his appetite the moment he saw what they charged for a stupid glass of water.
“Chose anything you like. It’s on me.” YamaP smiled and ordered a bottle of champagne.

Two hours later, Koyama was full, a little bit drunk and totally stunned. His first guess was that YamaP wanted to apologize or make up for something… but YamaP hadn’t done anything wrong. He also didn’t seem remorseful in any way. On the contrary: he was totally relaxed and talked at ease and they had an amazing conversation. So, Koyama concluded, YamaP wasn’t motivated by guilt. The next possibility that sprung to Koyama’s mind was that YamaP wanted to ask a favor… but what kind of favor? A fake alibi for a murder??? That would be really creepy.

But nothing happened. He simply had a most enjoyable lunch with NEWS‘ band leader, who had deliberately reserved a few valuable hours in his extremely hectic life to spend some quality time with Koyama. He didn’t answer the phone, and although they met some of YamaP’s acquaintances he never let them distract him from Koyama. After lunch, YamaP drove Koyama to Harajuku
“Em… why… are we here?”, Koyama asked a little bit confused.
“Tegoshi and Massu will pick you up any minute.” YamaP smiled sheepishly. “I had to promise them to get you here, you know… have fun!”
And he left, leaving Koyama standing there completely bemused. Suddenly he felt someone coming up from behind, grabbing his right arm and hugging it.
“Hey Kei-chan!” Tegoshi was smiling his most shiny smile. „Let’s go shopping!“
„Yo.“ To his left side, Massu had appeared. And there they went, dragging Koyama along with them.

This shopping tour went on for two hours straight and apparently Tegoshi wanted to set a new world record in being clingy. Either he was holding on to Koyama’s arm or playing with Koyama’s clothes. Massu on the other hand was… buying chocolate. Every time they passed a confectionary, Massu went in and came back with a little box of sweets. He shoved it into Koyama’s hand and then bashfully pretended to write a mail. Before Koyama knew it he had a pound of sweets in his bag and apparently people were thinking that Tegoshi was a girl because he caught more than one “O look, what a cute couple.”-look.

Finally, late that afternoon, Koyama arrived at home. He was exhausted and still confused. Then he found a big bouquet of flowers on his table. That hasn’t been there before. He approached it and spotted a little card. ‘For Koyama. Thanks for the hard work. From Ryo.’

And then – out of nowhere – it hit him. Finally he realized what was going on.


„Don’t you see, Shige! I am going to die! I’m terminally ill… and… they know. I have no idea how, but they know. And that’s why they are so nice to me!” Koyama’s eyes filled again with tears. „But… Shige… I don’t want to die.“ He started to snivel again and blew his nose.
But he stopped abruptly the moment he looked up and found Shige grinning broadly.
“You think that’s funny?!” he accused his friend.
“No… well… yes!” Shige started laughing. „Oh Koyama! You are not going to die, you fool!“
„I’m not? You really think so?“ Koyama looked hopefully at his friend.
“No. You’re not.” Shige couldn’t stop giggling.
“But…” The alleviation on Koyama’s side turned into perplexity. “Why were all of them so weird today?”
“Oh Koyama.” Shige smiled at his friend. „It’s mother’s day.“


Today’s mother’s day in Germany. That’s why I posted it today. ^^°
eska1306eska1306 on May 9th, 2010 06:57 am (UTC)

Love it! XD Koyamama yay!

I really liked how everyone decided to do different things for Koyama. *lol* Yamapi was really nice; going out for lunch and everything. ^.^ Tesshi seems to think that his presence alone is something to give as a present. XD Shy Massu is great, too. Chocolate chocolate chocolate *give give give*. XDDD Nishikido's way of saying thanks is nice too. *lol* Sure, we all know he cares anyway, no matter what he says since even when he's mean, it's in a loving way, isn't it? ^.~ *rofl*

I was looking forward to this! XD Thank you for posting. ^.^ <3
ki_elki_el on May 9th, 2010 04:44 pm (UTC)
^_^ I'm always glad if I can write something that you like. ^^ Thanks for helping with the translation! <3
Julie: laughcarmine_pink on May 9th, 2010 07:08 am (UTC)
The ending was so unexpected, but it made me smile! So nice for all the members to do favors for Koyama, the "mother". Nicely done :)
ki_elki_el on May 9th, 2010 04:44 pm (UTC)
Thanks for commenting! ^_^ I'm really happy that I managed to make the ending a surprise.
sufafiorisufafiori on May 9th, 2010 07:30 am (UTC)
I really loved this and even though it's still Mother's day here in Oz, I don't know what I was expecting but it wasn't this. Totally makes sense though, what with Kei-chan and his member-ai! Poor Shige, as he says "why me?"
ki_elki_el on May 9th, 2010 04:45 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and commenting. ^_^ I have a really weak spot for guys who end up in situations thinking "why me?" *lol* And I'm happy that I could surprise you.
naturalwhite: koyategonaturalwhite on May 9th, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
OMG koyamama~~!!!!!!!
LOL, that was sweet!
when i read that "it's mother day" i was like "aaaaaaaaw, so that's why" X)
really unexpected, haha. awesome story! thank you :D
ki_elki_el on May 9th, 2010 04:46 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and commenting. ^.^ I like unexpecting endings myself so I tried to make one here. I'm glad it worked out. ^-^
mou_ikkai: lost marblesmou_kai on May 12th, 2014 07:04 pm (UTC)
Your ideas, sense of humour and writing style in general... just so good! Thank you very much for sharing! Your fanfics are definitely among my favourite ones, from everything NEWS-related I've ever read ^///^
ki_elki_el on May 15th, 2014 02:22 am (UTC)
Wow, this is a huge compliment. Thank you very very much. ^///^